Driving value to create fortunes


In the past few decades the Indian economic paradigm has completely changed towards favouring global integration. India has opened up to the world and shown interest in collaborations with foreign governments and businesses in order to facilitate symbiotic development. This presents the foreign companies with the challenge of partnering with the well suited local MNCs and businesses, which necessitates their sharing the same vision and ethos. Millenium formulates and implements the best possible strategies for market entry or market building scenarios through which to enter or enhance their presence in Indian markets. Millenium with the help of its partner ecosystem provides comprehensive selection of strategic partners to maximize a client’s market coverage and revenue. Partnerships have the following structures::.

  • Joint Ventures.
  • Consortia.
  • Equity Partnership.
  • PPP (public-private partnership).
  • Hybrid Partnerships.
  • Bipartite Transaction Partnerships.

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