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Millennium offers unique advisory proposition to its associates, to participate in Multi corporation/companies transaction. In order to facilitate the execution of awarded tenders of qualified foreign associates to domestic second parties by on mutually agreed upon terms and conditions. The BTP service also works in the case where upon an domestic corporation or company can outsource or align with an overseas company to complete an international tender. Business development is a niche offering from Millennium. We help our clients secure lucrative and profitable contracts in chosen industries. Our Industry experts monitor opportunities and initiate partnerships which would bring the aspiration of the clients to fruition. Our service includes but is not limited to the following. .

  • Business development planning.
  • Financial and economic advice.
  • Buttressing value chain by establishing network with buyers, distributors and retailers.
  • Establishing formal relationships with government bodies and industry associations.
  • Providing solutions to overcome technical barriers.
  • Establishing pricing and distribution channels.
  • Facilitating partnerships

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